Zachari Logan 细腻唯美的手绘艺术 – 唯美图片

来自Zachari Logan 用铅笔和蜡笔绘制而成的一组细腻唯美的手绘作品。
Contemporary Canadian Artist Zachari Logan, works mainly in large-scale drawing and installation practices, exploring introspective ideas about masculine representation and self awareness. As catalyst, Logan combines images of his own body along with elements of flora and fauna, in the creation of personal narratives. Engaging both epic-scale and stylistically-historic techniques, Logan’s meticulous drawings evolve a visual language which speaks to the metaphoric as well as the metaphysical.
Zachari Logan1 Zachari Logan2 Zachari Logan3 Zachari Logan4 Zachari Logan5 Zachari Logan6 Zachari Logan7 Zachari Logan8 Zachari Logan9

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