Benoit Fournier 拍摄水的艺术家 – 唯美图片

这些惊人的关于水的摄影,来自于法国摄影师Benoit Fournier。
Benoit Fournier was born in 1981 in Carpentras, France. He holds an MBA, with specialization in Latin America (IAE, Bayonne – France/PUC- Curitiba). To further his education he lived in Mexico and in Spain, and in 2006 he came to Rio de Janeiro where he decided to live. He took up photography when he was 20, with the encouragement of his father, a journalist, who gave him his first camera. He works as a photographer in the documental and commercial sectors. He took part in art workshops held at the Parque Laje School of Visual Arts (Rio de Janeiro), and is now taking part in a study on the visual artist Marcos Bonisson. He now focuses on authorial work, using water as a guiding principle: the ocean, rivers, water with different colors, temperature and textures.
Benoit Fournier1 Benoit Fournier2 Benoit Fournier3 Benoit Fournier4 Benoit Fournier5 Benoit Fournier6 Benoit Fournier7 Benoit Fournier8 Benoit Fournier9 Benoit Fournier10 Benoit Fournier11 Benoit Fournier12 Benoit Fournier13 Benoit Fournier14 Benoit Fournier15 Benoit Fournier16 Benoit Fournier17 Benoit Fournier18 Benoit Fournier19 Benoit Fournier20

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